Mental Illness is Real!

Hello everyone,

On the most recent episode of VH1’s “Black Ink Crew: Chicago”, the show brought awareness to mental illness as one of their cast members was suffering from depression which leads him to have suicidal thoughts. As I was watching this episode I couldn’t help but cry; not only because it was sad to watch but I’ve experienced that numerous times in my life. Now let me say…I’ve dealt with suicidal thoughts once but 90% of the time I’m suffering from anxiety and depression.

After watching “Black Ink Crew” I immediately grabbed my camera and recorded a YouTube video to talk about the severity of mental illness and to share my personal experiences with it. My video can her watched here.

Anxiety, depression and any other mental illness is serious and should be handled immediately. If you know anyone who is suffering from this illness, please refer them to a professional as soon as possible. There’s also phone and text messaging services to for people whos not comfortable seeing someone face-to-face.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post. Love you!

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